Monday, October 01, 2012


Tonight's games seemed void of emotion. After a month's worth of exciting games, the Yanks took a one game lead with two to play on a rather boring night of baseball. Buchholz gave up three dongs in an inning, and Aceves came in to give up the 4th. An early 9-run inning and you could turn that game off. Meanwhile the Orioles could do nothing against Cobb, and even though it was only 1-0, the game flew by and it never felt like the O's were in it. They finally tied it (on a home run right to that spot where Longoria hit his last year--yet the Rays announcers mocked it for being cheap), but then Manny Machado made an error on the easiest of all ground balls to start an inning and it led to a bunch of runs. The O's finally showed some life in the 9th, cutting to 5-3 on a catwalk dong and then getting two men on with none out, but the next two went down, and for some reason Showalter pinch-hit with Endy Chavez. No, not for Endy Chavez. That's right, some poor sap was due up and was told, "I'd rather have Endy Chavez hit than you with the game on the line with the division tied and three games left." I was so proud of Endy for actually hitting a ball that reached the pitcher's mound! Yayyy! Game fucking over. O's lose.

Gonna be tough now, and the O's can't rely on Magic--they need the Red Sox to come through at least once here. Crazier things have h'd.

I see the A's are up 3-2 in the 5th. If they can hold on, the Rays will be dead which will make the Orioles' job presumably a little easier.

Tigers won the central. Cabrera looking good for Triple Crown.

I wouldn't call it void of emotion; between supposed ace Buchholz shitting his pants and V choosing to make an anemic lineup even worse by sitting Ellsbury, the entire evening was filled with disgust.

This team is a disgrace. The big trade was the first step; firing Valentine on Thursday will be step two. They should replace him with Beyeler, Martinez or Sandberg; I want no part of Farrell after the Escobar incident. And the keeper list on this roster is pretty small: Pedroia, Ellsbury, Salty, Lavarnway, Middlebrooks, Iglesias, Kalish, Buchholz, Doubront, Bailey and Tazawa. Re-sign Papi for 2 years, and maybe Ross if the money isn't stupid. I guess they have no choice but to bring back Lester and hope they can fix him, since he has no trade value.

And even with all of that, they're probably still gonna suck next year. Still, it'll be progress towards a brighter future. Can't wait for Bradley and Bogaerts to be ready.
I'm way more pissed that the Yanks won--no matter who they were playing, it just happened to be us--right now.

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