Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Producers, Volume 10

Keep watching on this one--we watch as the producer has to make a split-second decision on whether or not to tell his cameraman to follow Jeter at this pivotal moment in the observing of the game from the dugout while doing nothing and not being talked about.

Of course, you know what the decision was. Even an obstructed view of Jeter doing nothing is worth a 7-second shot.

NESN really came through in this series, giving fans looks at Jeter doing nothing in every game. Then there was Remy after the Yanks clinched talking about how Jeter was reacting the exact correct way. It never ends with this guy. (Allan and tim over at Joy of Sox also informed me that Dishonest Abe tweeted about hoe the Yanks' celebration was "how the pros do it." I would love it if that douche went back to covering the Yanks where he belongs.)


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