Thursday, October 11, 2012

The "5 And 0" Game aka The Adam Jones Game

Above, the pitch-by-pitch from Soriano to McLouth in the 10th. It's tied with a man on second, one out. On 3-0, the ump calls a strike on a pitch that one of the announcers noted wasn't one. Then the next pitch is also outside the zone, yet is called strike two, getting the crowd back into it. The count was really 5-0, but instead it was a payoff pitch. Guy lines into an inning-ending double play.

Of course, had stupid Johnson not blown the save in the 9th, they wouldn't have been in that situation.

Then again, if fucking Adam Jones wasn't the Cano of the Orioles with his nonchalant bullshit, the O's would have been up 2 instead of 1! On Jeter's two-out high fly earlier in the game (which I later found out was wind-aided as a special classy Jeter-ific bonus), fucking Jones breaks in, then trots back while blowing bubbles and the ball lands just over his glove. Run scores. It was the Yanks' only run until Johnson gave up the Ibanez dong in the 9th to tie it at 2.

In game one, the O's had a man on second with nobody out in the bottom of the 8th, in a tie game. They don't score and the closer gives up the game. In game 3 tonight, they're up 1 with 1 out in the 9th and the closer in. He blows it and they lose in extras. The Orioles could have won this series 3-0. Instead it's 2 to goddamn 1 in favor of the fuckers.

What else? Oh yeah, Endy Chavez. I understand you gotta keep him in for defense, but that was so shitty to see a wasted at bat in extras. My "book" on Endy: Throw pitches right over the plate until he's out. I never have any doubts when he's up. If he hits it past the mound they should set off fireworks. Even in visiting parks. That guy needs to be a designated fielder. Or maybe if I ever actually see him get a hit, I'll believe he can do it. But that has yet to happen.

Oh, and on the pop-up that the Yanks butchered, also in extras--Reynolds was only near first as it was landing. But, had he been hustling all the way, maybe he gets to second. Then Andino hits that tapper between the mound and first, and I'm not saying he Cano'd, but he slowed up just a bit as the ball reached the pitcher--and you could see him turn on the jets as the ball bounced off said pitcher. Guy barely tags him out in time. Maybe with the extra speed all the way he reaches. And this is one play after a botched routine pop-up. For some reason these guys always assume the play will be made, even when they saw one that wasn't made the play before. I thought Showalter was some kind of super-genius. You've got the "we don't have any stars and we play loose" thing down, now get their asses hustling. It's the goddamn playoffs. I'm not putting the game on those two plays, but I absolutely put the whole thing on Adam Jones.

Did you see A-Rod's totally fake, robotic "hug" after Ibanez pinch-hit for him and donged? He must feel like such a turd, between that and Ibanez coming up later and hitting another fucking dong to win it.

I've got some home-made living room vids to show you that I made from this game. Will post tomorrow so they're not buried at the bottom of this one.

Glad to see you've discovered the PitchFx tool.

Don't know why you were expecting anything more out of the Orioles; they've been massively lucky all year, and the luck just ran out in the Bronx. I fear it's inevitable that the biggest shitshow Sox season since I was a year old would end in another MFY championship. And they pretty much have the easiest path imaginable to get there; once they finish off the O's, they'll get to either play Chokeland or the Tigers w/o Verlander for the first two games.
Problem with that theory is, the Yanks aren't so great themselves.

Didn't just discover pitch fx, I've been seeing it on JoS for years. I just needed any kind of "Amica" for this, thought of that one.
ANd last night I went to bed with the A's down 3-1, 2 men on in the 8th. An hour later I for some reason hadn't fallen asleep, checked my ipod touch for the score, scrolled down very slowly, saw the Tigers had 3, then sloowwwwly went down, saw the top point of the number knowing it was gonna probably be 1 but COULD be 4...and it was 4! Then saw how they didn't even score in the 8th, all 3 came in the 9th, then read about, watched Coco's hit. Would have been cool to see if that guy throws the guy out or not, but he ran right past it....
Also, you're acting like the O's just came in and shit the bed in this series. In three games, they haven't been trailing entering the 9th inning.
The O's sure shit the bed in the 9th inning of game 1, and I'd argue that Johnson shit the bed again last night. No, they're not at a Twins level of October incompetence, but they still look done w/Wieters and Jones doing nothing.

The MFYs are clearly better than anybody left in the playoffs except the Reds and Nats, and both those teams look like they're gonna choke today. Ibanez timed his HGH cycle just right for October.

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