Saturday, October 27, 2012


Funny moment in NYC today. Chan and I are walking to my car as I'm about to head home to Providence. Guy comes out of his building to take trash out, wearing Red Sox hat. Sees mine and says "go Sawwx." I give him the approval but he then asks "can you tell what my costume is?" Now remember, this is New York, where you could walk around for ten days straight without sleeping and not have one person say hi let alone stop you to have a conversation (this doesn't mean New Yorkers aren't nice, it means they're trying to live their lives). So we were kind of stunned, staring at this guy and his seemingly normal attire: a flannel shirt and jeans. Not even really sure of the question, I just gave him a quizzical look until he finally said, "Clooney in The Perfect Storm!"

Get it? The "perfect storm" is headed to the region? Talk about a super-current-if-forced Halloween costume. He then said, still in a perfect Boston accent which may or may not have been part of the "costume," that he had to get the Sox hat to complete the look. But it seemed like he meant that it was his and not a new one he bought, since it looked well-worn.

It's funny, the night before, walking back from Louis CK, a girl in a Red Sox hat AND shirt walked by us on the sidewalk, and just after she passed, Chan goes, "what, no secret handshake?" At which point I informed him of the eye contact/slight nods we gave each other that he as a Yankee fan couldn't detect....

But it led us into a conversation about how I did once run into someone I thought was a Sox fan, but was actually a Yankee fan who had lost a bet and was wearing Boston gear. (This was late-October 2004 so I can guess what the bet was.) And so with this girl out on the Friday before Halloween, we talked about how there's a chance it was just a "costume," and sure enough, the next day, we see a guy with a Sox hat who's only wearing it for Halloween. (Though I still maintain he was a fan, too, since he wasn't being a dick, like saying, "I hate wearing this but it's for a costume" or some shit.)

I have gotten that "eye contact/silent nod" on numerous occasions, Jere. Always makes my day/night.
Mom here:

I just shout out to those people nodding and making eye contact, "Yankees suck!" They always humor me and with a patient smile.

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