Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Picked Up What I Asked For

Yankees almost win but still lose!* The way I like it. Bring on the pressure, it's all I've got! Verlander goes 8 1/3 throwing 900 pitches, but leaves with just a one-run lead. Yanks then get two guys on, and Ibanez comes up with two outs. Yankee fans must have been getting that old feeling...the only guy they even like anymore, who has come through so many times in these spots, incredibly has a chance's YANKEE DESTINY! But he strikes out! Game over. Yanks almost win. But still lose. 10-0 games are fun, but they don't provide the necessary heartbreak that I need to see. Hell, I'm happy to say I wish Ibanez had hit one to the warning track. Gimme all ya got! Gimme all ya got!

And humiliate A-Rod and Swisher while you're at it. While Jeter walks around on crutches. This 2012 hasn't turned out so bad after all.

Gotta win one more game, Tigers, and we can all go sledding or whatever.

Side note: Terrible job by Tigers third base coach Gene Lamont (who was almost the Red Sox manager) holding that guy up at third. I'm gonna do a video about this tomorrow. Almost ended up costing them the game.

*The origins of this phrase for me goes back to high school. It was senior year. I had a class called "Interpersonal Communications." The only interpersonal communicating I did, though, was with my friend Dan in the back of the class. We'd draw comics and make fun of the 1960s text book we had. I came up with a "card game" using little pieces of notebook paper. The rules of the game were simple. Each player gets one card. You turn over your card, and it tells you your fate. There was the "win" card, the "lose" card, the "red queen" card (which is an automatic win), and finally, the dreaded "you almost win but still lose" card. That's rough. You were so close.


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