Monday, October 01, 2012

Outlook Hazy

With three games left, no American League divisions have been clinched. Should any of those races end in a tie, there will be a 1-game playoff to determine the champ. Here's what the hell is going on:

Detroit leads Chicago in the central by 3. So any Tigers win or White Sox loss makes the Tigers division champs (they'd be the #3 seed) and eliminates the White Sox from the playoffs entirely. Should they end up tied, the 1-game playoff will be in Detroit. (The White Sox had been in first for most of June, July, August, and September, up by 3 games as late as September 10th--they now find themselves further back than they'd been since late May. The Tigers had been as many as 6 out of first, in mid-June.)

Texas leads Oakland in the west by 2. As soon as Oakland wins 1 more game (or Tampa and the Angels both lose 1 game), we'll know that either they or Texas will be one wild card and either the Yanks or Baltimore will be the other. The A's and Rangers play each other over the next 3, so they can't end up tied for the division. (The Rangers have been up by 2-6.5 games since April 13th. The A's were as many as 13 games out, at the end of June.)

And of course the Yanks and O's are tied, so whoever wins more over the last 3 is the champ. If it's tied after 3, the tiebreaker game will be in Baltimore. (We all know how big the Yanks' lead was on the entire division in July.)

In the National League, a bunch of teams will play and I'd say half of them will win while the other half will lose.

Obviously I don't really give a crap about any of this except getting the Yanks to lose. Red Sox have to come through for us tonight. Sox/Yanks, 7:05. HH vs. CC. O's/Rays, 7:10. Chen vs. Boston native Cobb. I would have loved it if Tampa was dead going into this series, instead they cling to life, but can be eliminated tonight.


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