Wednesday, October 17, 2012


From last night:

And the next guy ends the inning on a DP. Sending the guy would have made it 3-0. Fortunately it didn't end up costing the Tigers. For some reason Lamont needs coaching lessons, and here's rule #1: don't put up the stop sign until the last possible moment, there's no need to. Had he let this runner just run to third assuming he'll score, he would have seen that by the time he reached third, the fielder wouldn't have even gotten to the ball yet. The easiest of runs. Instead he commits to an early stop sign, ruining any chance. And this is the guy the Red Sox might want as their latex salesman....

CC against Scherzer, 8 p.m. tonight [now Thursday at 4:00, since it was postponed], as the Tigers hold a 3-0 edge.

I feel like maybe he thought the ball was harder hit--it was more Jeter-ish, and took a funny hop when it landed. So maybe he thought it was gonna get to Granderson WAY faster than it did. Still, no need to put up the stop sign so early. Wait and see. There was so much time...

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