Monday, October 01, 2012

I Was Approved

Every Red Sox fan's dream is to take a swing at Fenway Park and try to hit, or hit one over, the Green Monster. That is, every right-handed hitting Red Sox fan. I throw right, but I bat left. In that dream where I'm at bat at Fenway, I never know what to do:

Turn my body 45 degrees to the left so when the pitch comes in I can still whack the ball straight ahead toward left field? That would be like a magic trick, the ball somehow serpentining around my front shoulder like a magic bullet.

Suddenly learn to go the opposite way with power? I'm a dead pull hitter--I can use my bat to put a ball in any spot in the outfield, provided that spot is to the right of center.

Just swing normally and hit low line drives over the second baseman's head? Well, I can do that on any Little League field in the country, you don't need Fenway to do that.

Of course it doesn't really matter...unless the team e-mails you as a season-ticket holder giving you a chance to take five swings at Fenway Park. Which is what happened this morning. Yes, I actually made the cut--as I've said before, as a 10-game plan holder, I'm only sometimes treated as a true season-ticket holder. But this season they obviously need to please as many people as possible.

So, provided I can make it to Fenway on one of the pre-determined days, which isn't certain, I have to make "the decision." And here it is: Pesky's Pole. It's the closest home run distance in all the majors. I can pull the ball like I naturally do, and if I can hit that one exact spot--too far left and I'm looking at 380 feet, too far right and it's a mere foul ball--I can actually say I hit a home run at Fenway Park. But wouldn't a better tribute to Pesky than hitting his pole be a solid single to right-center? I'd be happy with that.

Mom here.

Congratulations! Can you bring an audience?

My unasked for advice: Pretend you're back playing on that post-Little League organization(Babe Ruth?) team, where your teammates nicknamed you "God" after you hit that home run over center field, and on over the woods behind the field. Just do what you did then.
I just got through on the phone and reserved my time--still don't know if I'll be able to do it because of other things. But yes guests are allowed.

Ah yes, my only home run ever, it was to deep right field actually, on the East Ridge Middle School field which had no fence, so the ball rolled and rolled after it went over the right fielder's head, and you and dad were sick and sitting way down the right field line in the grass. I remember dad yelling "3" as I rounded first but once I got to third I saw no sign of the ball being back in so I just kept going, may have even run through a stop sign, but scored easily. Unless I hit it RIGHT down the line, though, at Fenway, I've got no shot at a dong....
I am jealous.

That's great. Just to bat in Fenway has got to be a thrill.
Just go for the pole! (& I hope you hit it)
I'd be happy with a dribbler on the infield.
This is incredibly awesome! When will you do it? I want lots of footage. If I were in the Boston area, I would be there cheering you on.
I'll be doing it within the week. My mom's going along, hopefully she'll get some good footage--I was thinking, though, from the stands it might be hard to see me as I'm sure the cage will be up. Maybe she could go down the line further. But then she'd have to track the ball and then get back on me for the next swing. We'll have to figure out the logistics.

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