Monday, October 29, 2012

Ho Ho Ho...So You're Finally Gonna Meet Sandy Tonight...

What a weird day. Kim and I just watched the hurricane on TV all day and ate very unstructured meals. It got pretty windy here in Providence, but nothin' to get in a twist over. My favorite parts of the day were the crane and Bloomberg's sign language dancer. Oh and the guy in Atlantic City who stood in that same spot all day. I also found a bunch of awesome misspellings:

I don't expect people to know how to spell 'gansett, but you have to know my state's abbreviation....

Kind of a crucial place to not know the spelling of.

This is supposed to be Stonington. Too bad I didn't get a shot of "East Heaven, CT."

Note: Post title comes from a late-80s Head & Shoulders commercial. I just realized I uploaded it a few years ago (along with the "when he shot, it was money in the bank" ad). I was slightly off with the line, but I will leave it as it was in my memory.)

[Update: Now Manhattan is completely dark below 30th Street, and I see Letterman taped a show with no audience.]


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