Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Focus On The Orange Leaves

Day before Sandy:

Day after Sandy:

This shows you what the 'cane was like in Providence. Which is to say it wasn't that bad. A tree that was losing leaves lost them faster, while other trees didn't even lose that many. We've had a few worse storms since we moved here in 2008. And one wasn't even a storm, it was apparently a microburst because all of a sudden 50 giant trees were uprooted for no apparent reason.

If that's the same tree in both pictures, then it looks like Sandy moved that little light green tree in the foreground about forty feet to the right. Which is pretty impressive if you ask me.
Ha. Here's what happened. I went to pull over at the same spot, but since it's a park a lot of people just sit in their cars pulled over all day long. There was someone in my exact spot. Just as I passed them, they started to pull away. So I went back, and sure enough, another car is pulling into MY spot. At that point, I was like, am I really gonna wait this new person out? No. And do I wanna go home and try again later, just to get this one pic? No. So I pulled up behind them and took the shot, with greenie now out of position. Nice job noticing.
It also appears as if the tree on the left GAINED leaves, but it's because a new tree became visible in front of it, since I was over to the left....

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