Sunday, October 14, 2012

Everything I Always Imagined It Would Be

The way people talked about Jeter today, you would think he actually died. Why I am not surprised? The worst was how Girardi said even the media was depressed. And Suzyn Waldman was talking about "what his message would be to his team if her were here" and "the way he would have wanted it." Sterling talked about the extreme depression he felt. And they act like the rest of the team is down not because of the really bad loss they suffered, but because that guy who gets the cheap bloop hits and can't field for shit has been erased from existence. What a bunch of phonies all these people are. I am loving them all make asses of themselves. Along with that replay of Derek falling down and not getting up over and over and over.... The one bad thing is that Swisher's gaffe the play before, the play of the game and maybe the series and the season, got overshadowed.

Anyway, they went into game 2 with heavy hearts after the death of a deity, and it was even for a while, with Kuroda of Konformida tossing a perfect game for a bunch of innings. Finally the Tigers broke through with a run, and tacked on two more after a blown call. 3-0 final. Tigers two games, Jeterless crybabies zero. Girardi, whose team survived the ALDS thanks to the "five and oh game" along with the ump not seeing a ball apparently hit the foul pole, went on and on about how much the league needs replay. Which, of course, is true anyway--and can somebody help me here? Did I hear Craig Sager during this game say something about how MLB will have full replay this year and that it just has to go through the umpires union? I swear I heard something like that, but now checking the news I only see stories about how Girardi wants replay and how this blown call and the other recent ones will "spark the debate." Was I hearing things?

Anyway, I'd just like to reiterate how hilarious this whole Jeter funeral is, and how awesome the Yanks being down 2-0 is.

The reason I had Sterling and Waldman on for so much of the game is because I was in transit. Airport drop-off. In New York. I took the time to go somewhere I've always wanted to go. The pictures aren't so great. But I will be showing them here soon.

After a day of reading all kinds of "I'm a Red Sox fan but I feel really bad for that poor classy Jeter" crap, I have to say you've restored my faith in humanity. Thanks!
Yeah, now that missed calls are screwing their Royal Highnasses instead of favoring them, everyone wants replay all of a sudden. That's a bunch of malarkey and no respect intended. - daddybcat
RSD: Man, that pisses me off. My boycott of Boston sports media has sustained since July, so I don't hear any of that crap. But the NY papers and radio have been non-stop fun.

daddybcat: Very well put. It's a bunch of "stuff."

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