Monday, October 29, 2012


[Note: this was schedule to post automatically Monday morning. It didn't work.]

I understand that as you get older, you perceive time differently. Sometimes I think of various years in the 90s as being "about ten years ago." But Tim McCarver is just senile. In last night's broadcast, he brought up the helmet that catchers wear in the field, under their masks. His line was something like, "catchers have only worn those for the last 20 years, before that, they wore the soft cap." Hmmm, 20 years. That puts us in 1992, Tim. I don't ever remember catchers not having that helmet, so that takes us back to the late 70s right there. A quick check of some baseball cards shows some catchers wearing a helmet (whether the brimless kind or just a backwards regular earflapless one) in the early 70s. I also found pics of Johnny Bench wearing a helmet in the field in 1968. So we're talking 40-45 years. I hope I never get to the point where I confuse 20 years ago with 40 years ago.

And check this out. Here's McCarver himself wearing a helmet while 1977. (That's 35 years ago.) Best part is, he signed this card! So you know he's seen this picture....

Corbis also has a nice shot of him with the helmet in '76.

Anyway, final thoughts on the WS: I'm happy for Mad Dog, Scutaro, and Lopez that the Giants won, and I'm also happy that Yank-ified cheater Melky Cabrera wasn't a part of it.


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