Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dream Lived

Holy crap. The A's (once 13 games out of first) and Rangers played game #162 for the west title today. Texas went up 5-1. But in the 4th, Coco Crisp's key 2-out double tied it up. The Rangers then thought they were out of the inning, though, with a lazy fly to center. But Josh Hamilton dropped the ball! Two runs score and the A's go up 7-5.

It stayed close till the 9th when the A's blew it open. 12-5 lead a's I type. I'm callin' this one.

Can't say I'm too upset about Hamilton failing at the biggest moment of the year.

Wow these A's fans really go nuts. I don't watch SportsCenter or live in California so I admit I was absolutely clueless about this metal-tactic dance thes people all do.

That dance was crazy. GREAT GAME, YES.
Fantastic,watched the game in the uk and it finished around midnight uk time,what an atmosphere,would love to have been there,some crowds/stadiums have it others dont,saw the Nationals at the end of August and it was like watching a game in a morgue,they were clearly going to win so most of the crowd(well small gathering would be more appropriate) just decided to go home after the 6th innings,truly bizzare,my son who only had Fenway to compare it with said"Lets never go there again Dad,that was rubbish.."

Mark uk

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