Saturday, October 13, 2012

Davey Johnson Gets A Taste Of Schiraldi Right Up His Ass

The Nationals just threw 13 pitches while being one out away from winning the series and going on to the NLCS. On five of those, all they needed was one strike to break out the champagne. But they blew the 2-run lead (which had been a 6-run lead). They then had five more pitches while being one out away from at least going to the bottom of the ninth tied, three of those while one strike away. But they gave up two more runs, and lost the game and the series.

Their manager? '86 Mets skipper Davey Johnson! I hope he hears the phrase "one strike away" repeating in his head all winter long.

P.S. I have no issue with the Nats players/fans, and I feel bad for them. Maybe in 30 years they'll get to see a team managed by the current Cardinals manager blow a game when they're one strike away and be able to get some joy out of it. And put a P.S. at the end of their blog posts.

So we've got Cards/Giants in the NLCS, and Sleestaks/Tigers in the ALCS. Kinda boring. Those are 4 of the top 8 teams in terms of WS appearances, 4 of the top 9 in terms of WS wins, and 4 of the top 6 in terms of WS losses. I hope the Giants either win it all or lose in the NLCS. A WS loss for them would tie the Yanks for most by any franchise, with 13. As long as the Yanks lead in WS wins and appearances, might as well keep them at the top of the WS losses column.

The Cards, Giants, and Yanks have won the last three WS, while the Tigers still haven't won since '84.

All four of my picks lost in the DS. All the remaining match-ups make me yawn, but I am really hoping it's not Cards/Yanks. - daddybcat

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