Monday, October 29, 2012

Contest/Series Over!

Giants sweep series with 4-3 win. Let's put those 7 runs up on the contest board....

Final total (4 games): 22
Dewey & Co.: 28
Kara: 31
Tom Cunningham: 35
Section 36: 36
Patrick: 38
The Omnipotent Q: 40
Charlie: 42
Bosox Fan in Wichita: 43
Liam: 43
Allan: 49
mark uk: 51
MillersTime: 54
Mom: 63

Dewey & Co. wins! Had I done the patented Price is Right "without going over" method, nobody would have won. But Dewey wins it nice and legal, coming within 6 runs of the total. Great job. (In case you're looking for proof, their guess actually appeared in the comments of the post showing the prize as opposed to the first entry about the contest, but was still well ahead of the deadline.) Funny, "Dewey" was the only person/people who entered who isn't a regular contest-enterer on this site. Welcome aboard, and nice win in your debut, Dewey. E-mail me and I'll send your prize out.

Congratulations Dewey,now when I put my oh so far out estimate into the competition,I had thought that two sides would turn up,how wrong was that..
Tigers ,that was pathetic-you are three nil down,you have managed to tie the 4th game and you all just sit in the dugout...not one of you goes to the rail to show just a tiny bit of interest..pathetic...

Mark uk

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