Sunday, October 28, 2012

Contest Update Through 3

Almost forgot about this, since of course I watched Nebraska-Michigan last night instead of the non-Yanks-or-Sox World Series game. But the Giants went up 3 to zip with a 2-0 win, so let's look at the contest standings:

Current total through three games: 15
Dewey & Co.: 28
Kara: 31
Tom Cunningham: 35
Section 36: 36
Patrick: 38
The Omnipotent Q: 40
Charlie: 42
Bosox Fan in Wichita: 43
Liam: 43
Allan: 49
mark uk: 51
MillersTime: 54
Mom: 63

As you can see, the actual number hasn't even come close to our lowest guess, and a Giants win tonight featuring 14 or fewer total runs means the series is over and Dewey & Co wins. I kinda hope the series goes one more game so we can get a little drama in the contest at least....

Game four is, I would assume, tonight at some point. I should be watching, provided my house is still standing.

Come on 11-10!
We second that.......except giants win 7-6!!! dewey & co.

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