Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Contest Entries

Thanks to the baker's dozen of you who entered. Game 1 has started (and it's light out in SF, so weeeird)--here are the entries. Good luck!

Dewey & Co.: 28
Kara: 31
Tom Cunningham: 35
Section 36: 36
Patrick: 38
The Omnipotent Q: 40
Charlie: 42
Bosox Fan in Wichita: 43
Liam: 43
Allan: 49
mark uk: 51
MillersTime: 54
Mom: 63

Let's see...only one number was guessed by two or more people. So 46 would be a three-way tie. We'll talk about tie-breakers if/when they come into play. Looks like the average guess is around 40. Eight runs/game for 5 games or something like that. But if this series goes 5 and there are 5 runs/game, you'd all be too high and Dewey would take it from the low-spot. And my mom ends up as the high-woman, needing 59 or more to score a magnet. I'm gonna go ahead and say 60 for fun.

Note: My mom and MillersTime e-mailed their guesses to me, and should one of them win I will provide screenshots. Which could be easily manipulated. So you'll have to trust me. All other guesses are now published at the original post or one of the reminder posts to be seen for yourself.

Damn, missed the post about this comp and just seen this :-(

Would have gone with 47 for what it is worth (which of course is nothing lol). Ah well I can live vicariously through the rest of you at least ;-)

Unless you can prove you're actually Rich Gedman, you are ineligible to win :( I'll give you "credit," but no prize, if you nail it....
No apology necessary. Been laid up with the flu and got behind on my blog reading so no one's fault but my own. Plus I still haven't read the original blog and have no idea what the prize was anyway lol

All good fun to watch how people get on anyway :-)


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