Monday, October 08, 2012

Bone For Tuna

I'm Italian, it's Columbus Day, and I'm posting this today. But it's a coincidence, believe me. Here are two videos I shot Sunday from inside the "living room" which has been temporarily built around the statue of Chris in his circle in NYC.

And here are two I shot of David Blaine being Electrified at Pier 54 a few hours earlier.

I will post pics of this stuff and some other stuff later. Chan and I had a great time this weekend which never doesn't happen in New York (unless you're at the Toilet for a Yankee win). We also walked the parts of the High Line I hadn't seen yet, saw a Craig Ferguson concert at Radio City (my citizenship present to Chan, who finally became American this year after decades of trying), and got an insider's tour of the world famous Argosy bookstore from Zack Hample (whose family owns the place) before tossing some disc- and sphere-shaped objects around with him in Central Park.

As for tonight--Orioles shouldn't have done all that squandering. At least Bronson got a nice win. Is there anybody left on the Wily Mo Pena side of the debate at this point? Is there anybody who still doesn't recognize me as the one and only true winner? I'll give you the "upside" factor--Wily's got nowhere to go but up now.


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