Saturday, October 20, 2012

"All Lanes Are Closed"

Above: the traffic jam I'm in is the lead on the traffic report! Woohoo! Today I did the JFK pick-up. I started in New Haven. It took four hours to get to NYC. After the first half-hour traffic jam, I went into the one where all the lanes were closed, thanks to a jackknifed tractor-trailer and corresponding diesel spill! Awesome. It got a mention online, too. Here's a second video I shot that allows you to experience a standstill right in your own home! (In the first one you can hear a little of Francesa talking about the Yanks' hitting woes in the ALCS.)

Since that jam pushed the return trip into rush hour, it took another four hours to get back to New Haven! Then I saw a car in the woods, upside down, lights still on, just before I got back to Providence also on 95. Then I heard from a friend that she saw crazy accidents all day in Mass, too. Man, you'd think it never rained before.


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