Tuesday, September 04, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Answer: The Yankee fan at right is mistaken. He is under the impression that his team's rivals, the Boston Red Sox, have not won a World Series since the year 1918 A.D. In reality, the Red Sox have won twice since then: 2004 A.D. and 2007 A.D. The irony here is that in the 2004 playoffs, the Red Sox made history by becoming the only Major League Baseball team to come back from being down 3 games to 0 in a 7-game series and win. Though records are hazy, if one does enough research one will find that the team who had been ahead 3-0 in that series was the New York Yankees. From there the Red Sox went on to sweep the World Series and break their 86-year championship drought, rendering taunts of "your team hasn't won since 1918" completely meaningless.

The other irony here would be the fact that Yankee fans seem to be appalled when Red Sox fans take pleasure in their failures, knowing that they themselves have routinely mocked the other side of the rivalry for decades, even, as illustrated beautifully here, pining for the days of long-extinct taunts (inventing the "retro-taunt," if you will).

This schmuck obviously missed the memo that went out on October 27, 2004 that all shirts and other paraphernalia with anything associated with a media-created "curse" they reveled in was rendered moot, and burn all said crap.
I guess his Babe-Bucky-Boone shirt was at the cleaners.
Plus he is wearing it to a friggin Rays game. Note: Rays do not = Red Sox.
How do you know he's a Yankee fan? Maybe he's a Rays season-ticket holder who's also a big history buff, and he wanted to commemorate the Treaty of Versailles?

Also, note the guy directly to Chavez' left decked out in full NY football Giants gear. Further evidence (as if it were necessary) that rooting for the G-Men in the Super Bowl (even if it's only because of an irrational hatred of the Patriots) puts one in league with Yankee fans.
So start hating the Giants instead of the Jets.

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