Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Waiting For Leskanic

"All uniformed personnel from that season have been invited," the Red Sox say about tonight's pre-game ceremony honoring the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox.

It'll be interesting to see who comes back for this. Does anybody know where Pokey Reese is? We know Foulke and Pedro were in town the other night for the Pesky thing so they should be there. I'd think anybody who isn't working for another team (and therefore would be busy) would go. Plus all the non-playing staff. Like Dana LeVangie.

But I'm rooting for Curtis Leskanic most of all. At the time, I really thought his 11th/12th inning performance in Game 4 was going to be looked back on as the pivotal moment of the series and make him a cult hero. That distinction ended up going to Dave Roberts, who of course deserves it too. But I feel like Leskanic never got proper credit. So I hope I get to see him tonight.

I have always thought that Curtis Leskanic was the unsung hero of 2004. Dave Roberts gets credit for the steal, Ortiz for his heroics, Schilling for the bloody sock game, Lowe for the wins that clinched each series, and others.. but Leskanic never gets his due. I'm glad someone else remembers him.

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