Tuesday, September 04, 2012


For some reason, maybe because Michael Kay decided not to make a big deal of it, the blunder of the game wasn't picked up on by the media. So I'll have to show the world myself! Top 8, tie game, 2 outs:

I timed Cano at 5.3 seconds down the line from crack of bat to clunk of foot. All because of his decision to stop and watch. It was fun to watch the play over and over--I recommend it. It's also funny that David Price can be seen in the dugout saying, "he didn't run out of the box!" Why Kay wouldn't be mad about this, I don't know. It's not like it's Jeter where you have to always think good thoughts about him or he'll send you off into the cornfield or turn you into a jack-in-the-box. Maybe since this is actually considered hustling relative to the rest of Cano's career, he gave him the benefit of the doubt. But there's no excuse for stopping. Not even "oh, I thought he was gonna catch it." Run till he does catch it. It was a line drive at a fielder's feet! I think he short-hopped it anyway, before it bounced off of him. Why are you assuming it's caught? Or even fielded cleanly? This is a play you should be benched for even if it was a meaningless game, let alone at a crucial time like this. Then he goes and lets the eventual winning run score because he made no attempt to knock down a slow grounder. How is this not being talked about?

(Funny how in the screenshot I used for that vid, you can see the catcher ahead of Cano as he runs to back up first. I guess he didn't assume the ball would be caught.)

And here's a funny thing from their Sunday game:

In case you couldn't view it, TBS basically staged a shot of two young Yankee fans in the stands acting "frustrated" with their team. Problem was, they cut to the camera before the kids were told to start acting, and as a bonus, they stayed with it long enough for us to see the moment they were told to stop, at which point they head back to their seats, leaving the "designated frustrated kids staged shot area." TBS tried to make it seem as if they just happened to find two overly dramatic utes in the crowd, but instead we got a behind-the-scenes lesson in how staged shots work. I'm surprised they didn't accidentally allow the audio of the guy saying "action" to seep through....

Note: Joy of Sox sez some writers did mention the Cano "history of nonchalance." (As of last night when I wrote this the News and Post only had game stories and neither mentioned any of it. My news search for "Cano" only turned up a WSJ article about his "unlucky inning" or some crap. So I'm glad the NY writers did take notice.

I should also point out that he also made no attempt to avoid the sweep tag! He was probably just thinking "shit I fucked up" while running and didn't even think to look up and see the bad throw. A slide would have avoided the tag easily. Sounds like they need a CULTURE CHANGE IN THEIR TOXIC CLUBHOUSE.

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