Saturday, September 15, 2012

Still Tied

The good news is the Yanks lost to the Rays. It was like a wake at Yankee Stadium in the bottom of the ninth, as the Yankees, down by only 2, each stepped up to the box and then went right back to his his seat, in a nearly dead-silent building. So Tamps is back within 3 games of New York.

The bad news is the O's couldn't jump into first place by themselves. Another missed opportunity. The A's beat them in a late game in Oakland, 3-2. The O's had two rally-killing double plays in the late innings, and with the tying run at first in the 9th, a fucking caught stealing ends the goddamn game. I really wanted to see the Yanks drop into second tonight. There's always tomorrow. And them losing to the Rays specifically is huge, as I really want two teams battling them.

Red Sox got a win in Toronto in the skirmish for the cellar.

Actually, doesn't an A's win keep them close? So, with the Yanks losing, I think I can live with the A's coming out on top.

Besides, in my newspaper this morning, because of the late game, it listed the O's 1/2 game ahead. It was nice to see.
Oak winning is good in terms of keeping them ahead of the Yanks in the case that the Yanks don't get the division. But order for that to happen we need the O's to win games. Getting the Yanks into that one-game playoff (at best) is my top priority so gotta root for O's over A's. Also gotta get the Angels to keep winning to keep another non-east team in the wc hunt.

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