Friday, September 21, 2012

Sox Do Their Part, A's Do Not

The Red Sox got the job done tonight, losing to the O's. But the A's lost in extras to the Yanks, so Balty stays 1 back in the east.

[Edited to add: Classic Don tonight. Early in the game, Nava hits one to the right field corner that goes all the way around, hockey-boards style. Just as the RF is about to pick it up, a fan reaches over and grabs the ball. (It had been fair for a really long time at that point, I don't know how the guy didn't know--funny moment when he finally realized it and tried to flip it to the fielder.) However, Don Orsillo didn't notice. He must have glanced down to see where the runner was or something, because after we at home see a close-up of the fan picking up the ball, Don starts wondering what's going on. His call was something like "and there's a delay..." Then he gets all excited as Nava heads for third--while the audience has known for several seconds that the play is over. Then he starts saying how he didn't think Nava would have made it to third because he had made a move to stop at second, and...just watch the play, it's a mess.]

[Also, an anonymous commenter wrote in saying that the elusive and potentially mythical Lib Dooley Fan Award will be awarded at Saturday night's game. I'll believe it when I see it!]

[Also, typo corrected in title. I'd written O's instead of A's, which would make no sense.]


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