Monday, September 24, 2012

Son Of A Goddamn Bitch

Orioles leave 10 men on base. And hit into 4 double plays. Lose. Goddamn. I feel like the whole freakin' race turned on a fruckin' dime right in the 6th inning. With the Yanks rolling against the lousy Twins, the O's had come back from a 4-0 deficit to make it 4-3, then loaded the bases with two outs but couldn't tie it in the 5th. The Jays go the run right back in the 6th, but then the O's again loaded the bases. After a single closed it to 5-4, there they sat, bases loaded, nobody out. At the very least, you have to tie that game. It's pretty hard not to, actually. The next guy strikes out. And the next guy flies out, and they try to score the runner from third. Out at the fucking plate.

Of course they were still only down 1 with three innings left. Next inning, the Jays load 'em up with nobody out. So now I'm really pissed, but hey, we just saw a squander in the same situation so who knows, right? O's proceed to get the next two out, and it looks like they're gonna return the favor. Nope. Grand slam. 9-4 Jays.

It stays that way through the 7th and 8th, and the Yanks have their game pretty well in hand, but the O's, instead of leaving me to die mercifully on the side of the road, break my ribs with some CPR, loading the bases with nobody out, before finally accidentally drop a brick on my head while loading me into the ambulance, with a double play and a strikeout to end the game just like that. And as a bonus, the Twins rally in the 9th but fall short, 6-3.

So we end up with the Yankees gaining a half game on the Orioles today. Unfuckingbelievable. O's 1.5 out. Fuck the fucking Yankees, and Pettitte with his magical recovery potion.


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