Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Punch Drunk Irony

I just got the funniest e-mail. It was from the PR people who send out stuff for that crappy radio station that rhymes with double-screw pee-pee lie. It says that Bobby Valentine said to that fatass blowhard "personality" whose nickname rhymes with The Pig Blow that if he were there, he'd punch him right in the face! Me too, Bobby. Me too.

What's great is that we've had so many players this year, and the manager, come right out and bash the media.

What stinks is that the media has trained people to think that if the team's doing poorly, anything they do off the field is the cause of it. So instead of saying, "awesome, they're telling the media what they think of them," they're trained to say "they need to stop bashing the media and start playing better!"

I didn't even listen to the actual quote, but this is a case where I hope for once it's accurate and that he said in complete honesty that he'd like to punch that stupid ratings (AND CUPCAKE)-hungry smear of tub stank in the face. (They said the question he was responding to was whether or not he'd checked out. What a dick.)

And while I'm at it, I'd like to say something about Jonny Miller. (That's the guy with the weird voice you hear at every player interview and managerial press conference.) Look, I don't know why his voice is so fucked up. I don't care what disease he has that makes him sound like he's regurgitating marbles, he should just shut the hell up and retire. This guy is such an asshole. He loves to ask players the most inappropriate things right after games. You don't go up to a guy's teammate after he's been traded and ask if it was "because of the attitude." It's time for these guys to start mocking him. Like, when he asks a question, just keep saying "I don't understand what you're saying," and then finally move on to the next question. He shouldn't get a pass because his mouth doesn't work.

People have every right to be pissed at the team for how they've played all season (though you have to consider the historic, record-setting injuries), but these so-called journalists are just making shit up to make it worse. Even McAdam the other day started a report with "As if the losing isn't bad enough, now..." and proceeded to mention something the media took upon themselves to make into a big deal! We're the ones that should be saying to him, "as if the losing isn't bad enough, you have to go and stir more shit!" And now we have Valentine baited into telling a dude he'd physically assault him, and we know who's gonna get the short end of this stick. When the year started, I hoped Bobby could beat the media at their own game. I feel like they've won. They got what they wanted. And now they've got the quote they need to make themselves look like the good guys. I'd love it, though, if he could stick around, do something good with next year's team, and be championed by the fans as the media tries to bait him over and over, and every time he says, "I stand by my statement--I'd punch each and every one of you in the face," while the fans all cheer and laugh their asses off at the media.

Bal @ Tor, 7:07
Yanks @ TB, 7:10
SOX @ Sea, 10:10

I cannot stand the sports media in Boston. It used to be a respected group of analysts, but now it's a shameless group of attention seeking anuses.
The line to punch those a***oles at WEEI is long and distinguished. Bobby V. Isn't near the front.
BTW, if you ever find Shaunessy dead in a ditch, I have 5 alibis that can vouch for my whereabouts......
I listened to the Ordway interview, and they were basically kicking Valentine when he's down. Everyone knows that Valentine isn't coming back next year, but Ordway asking him whether he had "quit on the team and started mailing it in" just because he was later to the park than usual on one day last week.

I don't even like Bobby but I don't understand why the media - and this goes from Ordway to Speier to McAdam to Gammons - needs to try to boot him out rather than let him finish the year with some dignity and not adding any more interim corpses to the body count in this mess.
Good call. But I still don't know how everyone would know V isn't coming back. Wasn't the thought after the big trade that A. Bobby's staying and will work with the altered group he has and it officially wasn't his fault and B. that the team from this point on in 2012 admittedly isn't worried about making a comeback but has begun the rebuilding? So how can anyone blame V for what's happened SINCE the trade, let alone before it? Yet I get from your "everyone" statement and your reports of some assholes in the media "calling for his firing" that pretty much all of talk radio and the brainwashed masses (along with Orsillo, see my recent post) are officially in We all want Bobby out and we assume the front office will do what we say mode. ? Life is so different when you ignore the media. I love it.
"But I still don't know how everyone would know V isn't coming back."

He's saying it himself in so many words. When asked about whether he'd want to return (I cringed at that question - how can he really answer it knowing he's going to get the axe on October 4th?) - he said a bunch of noncomittal mumbo jumbo about his role in the organization, suggesting that he'd have some advisor role for the duration of his contract.

When Lucchino goes on the radio and says that Bobby's not going to be fired this season but makes no promises about him returning next year, that's pretty much the writing on the wall as well.


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