Sunday, September 23, 2012


Just saw some of the Johnny Pesky tribute on NESN. They brought back a lot of old players and had the current team sitting in the stands with the rest of the fans. They had little groups of guys getting interviewed in front of the crowd--I missed the beginning of that, but I think it's funny that they actually sat Bill Lee next to Roger Clemens. Also there: Tiant, Rice, Fisk, Merloni, Foulke, Gedman...and of course Pedro who once again proved that he, more than maybe any Red Sox player other than Pesky, "gets it."

Then all the players, past and present, went out to the freshly painted right field foul pole and autographed it. I noticed there's a sign on there now telling fans not to write on it. So that was a good plan--paint it up, get some meaningful sigs on there, and bronze it.

Wish I'd seen what Lee had to say--I'll have to catch the replay.

As for why I'm not there: Well, I was planning to go. However, once I found out they'd be having the 2004 tribute and the All-Fenway Team on Tuesday and Wednesday, I figured I'd go to those and skip today's thing. Had they told us how awesome it was going to be, I wouldn't have missed it. (And the crowd, despite it being a free event, wasn't that big, only a couple grandstand sections across. I feel like they could have promoted this thing better....) At least I will get to see many of the same guys this week.

Thought of you when the great Gedman was there, Jere. Bill Lee was a kick as always, and made me laugh with this, pointing to a picture of Johnny and The Teammates: "See those guys? They're from the West Coast. The land of fruits and nuts." He never lets you down. Beautiful tribute. Signing the Pesky Pole with the music of "Field of Dreams" playing choked me up a bit...

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