Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Producers, Big Baseball Day

First, check out the latest installment of The Producers, your home for Egregious Jeter ShotsTM. Jeter-Cam strikes again!

Again, he hadn't done anything, wasn't being talked about, and every other shot made sense that inning--but the temptation to show that pretty face is just too great. This was from Sunday's TBS game. It's funny how I can come up with so many of these without even having YES Network. But that just shows you how often this has been happening since the first tween girl shrieked for Jeter in late 1995.

Today at 1, the Yanks play game one against Toronto, then at 7, game 2. Then the O's late from Seattle. I'm giving myself a 2:30 a.m. cutoff! It's tied going in, so one team could gain 1.5 games today. If not, it'll be a half-game lead for somebody. Remember, the O's still have not ended a day alone in first since ColNYlapse '12 began. Please let this be the day....

Also, I just had one of those "I've been duped" moments. A good thing about the new playoff format is how it makes winning the division more important. I've admitted that. But it just hit me: Know what else makes winning the division important? Not having a wild card at all! Scumbag Bud devalued it in 1995, and 17 years later, he looks like a hero for valuing it again. And I fell for it! Of course, there's no way they were gonna be removing playoff teams so we'll all have to settle for this. Until fucked-up shit happens at the end of this season and they tweak the format. And then again next year, and the year after that, etc. So stupid.

Yanks have tough but winnable home games against the A's this weekend and then potentially easy games at Toronto next weekend, while the Sox play Balty both weekends. How does that fit into the scheme? - daddybcat
The A's have been rolling and the Jays are always pesky. The Red Sox? Let's just say I hope we do lots of convenient "resting" of key players the next two weekends. I want Valentine to shove it in the Yanks and Girardi's face and be like, Oh, yeah, Pedroia and Ellsbury just reached their limit for the year, I guess I forgot to tell everybody that, sorry! Also, we've been thinking about giving Ciriaco a shot on the mound all year, we just HAPPEN to be doing it every game of this here Baltimore series, totally random.....

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