Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Do This Again (Live Blog--Now Over)

11:52: Yanks won both their games. Orioles need to win to stay a half-game out. They're facing King Felix and the Mariners, tied 1-1 in the top of the 8th, Felix still in.

11:54: One out, little nubber, M's third baseman picks it up while it's still on the line! O's have go-ahead run on...

11:56: Two outs, Adam Jones up.

11:57: Jones fuckin' pops out. We go bottom 8, tied at 1.

Midnight: They're saying Felix is done for the night. O's gotta get out of the 8th unscathed, then make some Magic. Also, I heard two people bring up the East standings, Eckersley and that twirpy Yankee-loving host on MLBN. Both of them said, "If the Orioles lose, they're one and a half back. Neither mentioned the possibility of them winning. One out, bottom 8.

12:02: Grounder up middle, no play. Man on first, one out for Seattle.

12:05: Easy fly. Two outs.

12:08: Inning over! Going to the 9th, and the O's get to face a new pitcher. Orioles Magic, right now please!!!!!

12:15: First 2 O's go down in 9th, Manny up.

12:17: We go bottom 9, tied at 2. If the O's are gonna stay a half back, it's gonna be with another extra-inning win.

12:21: Really nice diving play by Manny, one out, bottom 9.

12:24: Endy makes a catch completely off camera in the RF corner at the wall, in foul territory. Nice play. (Of course defensively is the only place I trust that guy.) Two outs. Now a base hit, winning run on first.

12:26: Extra innings again. We go to the 10th.

12:28: One quick out.

12:30: Both M's announcers saying unashamedly that they don't want another long game. Sorry you have to do your job! Which is to fucking watch baseball games! Dear ROOT sports, consider this my application to be the Mariners announcer. (Can work remotely.) Two more quick outs. We go to the bottom of the 10th, tied at 1.

12:36: Strop walks the first goddamn man in the 10th.

12:39: Would you believe the Mariners popped out on another sacrifice bunt attempt? After those two last night. Sweet. One down.

12:44: Stolen base, then another walk. I see it's not just the Yanks that arse hole Strop likes to give games to. First and second, one out for Seattle. New pitcher coming in.

12:48: Strikeout! Two down.

12:50: Another walk. O's pitchers have walked the bases loaded. Another new pitcher called for by Buck.

1:00: Count went to 2-2, but they get the guy on a pop out. M's leave 'em loaded. We go to the 11th.

1:06: One on, one out for Balty. Jones up.

1:10: Adam Jones DONG!!!!!! 3-1 O's!

1:11: It's great watching on the Mariners feed, because you can celebrate Orioles Magic without having to hear that fart Gary Thorne! Two outs, top 11, O's up by 2......

1:16: We go bottom 11. Orioles 3, Mariners 1.

1:20: M's get leadoff man on, infield single.

1:21: Shit, solid single. Tying runs on base, nobody out.

1:22: First pitch to next guy, 3-6-1 double play!!!! Huge! As good as it is to not hear Thorne, it's so embarrassing to hear Dave Sims calling plays with "oh brother." I don't know why these guys enjoy sounding like high school football announcers.

1:23: Now he walks the next guy. So two outs, tying runs on base for Jaso.

1:24: Ha! Another "oh brother" as the idiot Mariners try to steal and get caught to END THE GAME! Goddamn I wish the Yanks could have lost just one of those fucking games today. We'll have to settle for the O's being a half-game back as they sweep the M's. Yanks play Thursday night vs. Toronto while the O's are idle before heading to Boston.


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