Monday, September 24, 2012

In Doubly

Apparently the Orioles have a doubleheader today. Because's Gameday has been so horrible lately, I've been using ESPN to get scores, etc., lately. The last few days I looked at their schedule probably ten times, and never noticed the O's had two games today. Looking back at it, I see they had each game listed separately, not even next to each other on the list, with neither one noting it's "Game 1" or "Game 2." They even show game two as being at "7:05," which isn't gonna happen since game 1 is at 4:05. Terrible, terrible job by ESPN. Even if it was a day/night, I'd still put a little notation that each game is part of a DH, but in this case you've got a single admission old-school twi-nighter, and they still list them as if they're two unrelated games with two set start times.

So yeah, game one is under way. Scoreless in the 4th. [Update: O's lead 3-0! Woohoo!] The O's could overtake the Yanks for first if they get 2 wins plus a Yank loss.

(By the way, have you seen the commercial where CC Sabathia claims "pitching is 100% mental"? Maybe we should start calling Kim Ung-Yong "Cy"! Okay, I wouldn't even get that reference. I just Googled "smartest people in the world" and looked for one with a name close to Cy or Young...)


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