Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'll Be Quiet. I'll Be Peace.

The 2012 excitement continues, as the O's blow out the M's in game one. So they close to within a half game of the idle Yanks. So for the next two nights, we'll have the Yanks early and the O's late. Pressure will be on the Yanks, then if they win, it goes to the O's, and on and on. I'd love more than anything to be seeing Balty take over sole pazesh of first about 24 hours from now.

Sox beat faltering Rays tonight, I should report for consistency's sake.

Here are a couple of videos I shot at Fenway last Thursday night. These were after the Red Sox finished batting practice, and the Yanks weren't quite ready to hit yet. Pretty much silence, and as you can see in video #2, me and the cameramen had the center field bleachers pretty much to ourselves, which led to me getting 3 balls once the Yanks started hitting.


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