Monday, September 24, 2012

Four Pics, Four Pics, Four Pics

First of all, it's always good to see Bronson Arroyo celebrating. What the hell is that chalice? The NL Central Cup? [AP/Tom Uhlman photo]

Screenshot from NESN of Rich Gedman signing the pole tonight. Rich wasn't about to climb the ladder they'd set up any higher than necessary to reach yellow.

TBS put up a calendar showing Oakland's wins and losses for the month. It's bad enough that the W's and L's look ridiculous and were in some cases unreadable, but, of course, they used the old version of the Circle Sox logo. So they're sitting there at TBS headquarters, grabbing team logos: "Make sure you get the new version of the Orioles' cartoon bird, Stan!" "Okay, Renee, don't worry, we all got that memo before the season. Any other changes?" "Nope, just use whatever pops up first on Google Image Search for the rest of the teams." (Had Toronto or Miami been on there, I know they would have gotten theirs right, too.) The Red Sox have just about completed four seasons with the new version of the logo. Four full years of the one shown above being retired. Yet me and like 13 other people are the only ones who know about it. I'm gonna be really pissed if they change it back and it turns out some outlets never did make the change and end up being current again....

Yeah, it's a Little Caesar's reference. So, finally, TBS showed this today. What's wrong with these "dimensions"?

Wow, that diagram is hilariously wrong! 385 to that short porch in right? Hahaha. The right measurements: 318 feet to left field, 399 feet to left-center field, 408 feet (124 m) to center field, 385 feet (117 m) to right-center field, and 314 to right field.

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