Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Contributing Directly To The Yankee Collapse

Sox win on walk-off single by birthday boy Jacoby Ellsbury. O's tie Yanks for division lead, Rays still 2 back.

This game started with Don telling everybody that the Yankees once had a 9-game division lead. Well, yeah, but they also had a 10-game lead! Why is it important to get this right? Because everyone in the world knows the Red Sox blew a 9-game lead last year (albeit only a wild card lead), and that all we've got left this year is rooting for a Yankee collapse...which would be one game bigger than ours! You have to get that right. That's like saying "the Red Sox came back from a 3-1 deficit in the 2004 ALCS." It's true, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

We also saw Lester get super pissed at the ump along with V early on. But despite getting a lot of baserunners, the Yanks could only put one on the board in the first few innings.

Singles by Ellsbury and Pedroia put us up 2-1 in the 3rd.

Then Lester broke Bruce Hurst's record for most Ks by a Red Sox lefty.

Jeter's cheap-ass bloop ground rule double knocked in two and knocked out Lester. Yanks led 3-2 in the 6th.

Bottom of the inning, Dustin's line drive dong tied it.

Breslow got a huge DP to end the 8th and keep it tied.

Then in the 9th, the Yanks got a man on and pinch-ran Nunez, who was caught stealing. Bailey then struck out A-Rod to send it to the bottom of the ninth in a tie.

After Ciriaco and Aviles got on (Jeter had no faith in his jump-throw, not even trying it on Aviles's grounder), Ellsbury ripped one to right, and Pedro just beat Ichiro's throw to the plate, at which point a celebration ensued, with Jacoby getting kinda pissed at people trying to tear off his jersey.

Tom Caron then started the post-game by belittling the Red Sox and acting like they lucked their way into an ugly win, referring to their late-game hits other than Ellsbury's as illegitimate. So let's review: Yanks score their first run on a ground out, and their other two on a little bloop that even Jeter himself seemed to think was just fouled off. Red Sox score their runs on two three solid singles and a line-drive homer, but just because the two hits in the 9th before Ellsbury's weren't that solid (Ciriaco's went to the outfield. It was a low pitch. If it were Jeter they'd stop the fucking game to present him the clutch-hitting-on-good-pitches-that-you-can't-teach award.), it was an "ugly" win and only Jacoby's hit was "legitimate." After a win like that, it's the time to be happy and complimentary, not the time to be a fucking asshole. I watched the whole post-game waiting for him to refer to Jeter's bloop double as "illegitimate," but it never happened.

Also, the Pawtucket Red Sox took Game One of the Governor's Cup Finals at McCoy tonight. Two more wins and it'll be their first IL title since 1984.

Bonus talk: Yankee fans have to be PISSED right now. Seeing us struggle for months here, then getting to play us, but seeing the night end with us celebrating on the field. Beautiful.

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