Thursday, September 27, 2012

Burnin' Up The Reddit Charts

So I posted one of my pics from last night to reddit. And it shot to number one on r/baseball! Check it out here, and feel free to give me an upvote/boat, or, if you hate it, a downvote. (It actually has nothing to do with the All-Fenway Team, it's just an artsy shot taken from section 36.)

The key to reddit submissions is having a few people vote it up right away. If not, it quickly dies. But once you get votes, you get visibility. And once you have visibility, you get more votes. And on and on. So the upvotes are coming in fast and furious right now. And it feels gooooood..... ah, meaningless Internet points....

Screenshot of me at #1 below! Woohoo!

Of course the Pic is from Section 36!

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