Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baseball Now

6:30: Was getting ready to write my "perfect day" post when the Yanks scored 4 in bottom of the 13th to tie it. Fucking A's.

4:33: Effing Red Sox go and tie the game, so that's in extras, while the Yanks and A's are tied in the 9th. At least I know one game's guaranteed to go my way--Nebraska put up 35 in the first quarter on Idaho State!

Update, 3:00: A's have tied it at 4 (5th), and the O's went up 5-3 in the 6th. Nice job, Red Sox!]


Lots of early runs today, O's lead us 2-1, Yanks lead A's 3-2. Go O's, go A's.

So it was true: the Lib Dooley Fan Award was finally presented. And I should have known--the winner was that woman with the Fenway hat! Lynn Smith. Cool. I'm glad it wasn't some texting douche.

I'm still pissed that they only did two throwback games after promising four. Actually, I would have been fine with two, but the fact that they said one thing and did another is what stinks.

Shit, Yanks add a run, now 4-2. Stupid A's had a 2-0 lead, but before I knew it they were walking in the go-ahead run on four pitches.


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