Saturday, September 22, 2012


So much craziness happened in that A's-Yanks game. But after the A's scored 4 in the 13th, it looked like the day was perfect. Sox finally grace us with the loss we wanted them to get after making us nervous and sending it to extras, Nebraska destroys poor Idaho State 73-7, and it looks like the Yanks are done and will fall back into a tie with Baltimore.

But no. A's give back the lead in about the time it takes to say "Did you guys hear Nick Swisher's facial reconstructive surgery after that horrible hyena incident didn't take?" But they get out of the inning and it goes to the 14th. And just as they were about to get out of yet another jam with a grounder to first that would end the inning, Brandon Moss boots the ball like some kind of imbecile. Yanks win. I still can't believe that fucking game.

So it's still a one-game lead for NY in the east. The Red Sox need to come through with one more loss tomorrow and we have to hope the A's can pull just one fucking game out of their fucking series. They had no trouble getting up for today's game (despite what ended up happening) after a walk-off loss the game before, so hopefully they can be in position to win tomorrow.

What a race this has turned out to be, with the Shits and Gaggle staying so close for so many days in a row.

You got part of what you asked for anyway. You asked that a non-pitcher be put in at a critical point so the Sox would be able to roll over. Aceves in the 12th certainly seemed to fit that description. - daddybcat

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