Thursday, September 06, 2012

A-Rod Continues To Not Save The Yankees

Yanks almost win but still lose!

So that turd Strop who gave the Yanks the game last weekend comes in and again chokes. A 6-1 8th inning O's lead becomes 6-6 with help of 4 walks and a wild pitch and general Stropery. I was a racecar in the red at that point. After Buck finally got off his ass and removed him, the next guy finally got the third out, and then....

The O's went to Dongtown! Right away they stormed back with three dongs before an out was made in the bottom of the 8th! That made it 10-6 Baltimore and all was right with the world again. Orioles win. Both teams tied for first again, idle Rays now 2 out.

After Joba gave up a dong to make it 6-1 Birds after 7, things were bleak in Yankville. Yet after they tied it at 6 and brought in Robertson, you know they were thinking it was Yank-ifest destiny. That thought was quickly erased. Nice job showing resolve, O's. They actually got some people in the seats tonight, too.

MLBN showed the MASN feed tonight. Wow is Gary Thorne stupid. I'll never forgive him for his accusations that one of the greatest moments in baseball history was fake. But even if I did...he's still stupid. In the first inning, Swisher came up. Now here's a guy who's been striking out left and right, in the midst of a huge slump. 4 for his last 35. And Thorne says, "The Yankees have Swisher batting second, only because...." At this point I thought he was gonna say something like "they've got nobody else" or "they want a lefty in the 2 hole." Instead, he finishes with, "it's working." Remember, this is a guy who watched 3 Yankee games a few days ago.

But as the pressure of the game heightened, so did Thorne's stupidity. The Yanks had a 2-run single to tie the game in the 8th inning. His call of that single after both runs had scored? "And it's now a 1-run game! ... .... ... and it's a tie game as the other run scored too." He then adds, "and the Yanks have scored 5 here in the SIXTH inning to tie the game." Yes, he fucked up the inning and the score on one play, at a moment where both things were critical to get right.

I actually thought the color guy was really good--despite his note that David Robertson was "the predecessor to Mariano Rivera."

Bonus thought of the day: The Orioles have a Pedro and a Manny.

[Update, 12:!2 a.m.: Bonus thought of the next day: The PawSox are up 2-0 in their playoff series with the SWB Yanks. One more win and it's on to the finals! Get your tickets now.... And follow the Paws year round at the #1 PawSox blog of all-time, PawSox Heavy, formerly Baseball Heavy.]

Maybe I shouldn't say "all" is right with the world....
I thought the same thing about Thorne's call! The color guy is Mike Bordick...I much more enjoy Bob Carpenter and FP Santangelo on the Nats games...
A few minutes ago I was reading one of your comments, from the father/son pic I took in '09. I reddited that pic tonight for the hell of it and it's getting a lot of love over there. And now you comment here. Weird.

Anyway, thanks. I could tell it was an ex-player from context (and now that I think about it, Thorne and Ripken--who was in the booth for a while--might have been calling him "Bordy.") I totally remember that guy--wouldn't know him by voice of course.
Oh and my post title is based on people in the NY media saying when A-Rod came back that it was somehow his job to come in as the knight in shining armor and save the team, as if it would be solely on him. It reeks of "if he does, we look like geniuses, if he doesn't, we can get him on failing at something that WE claimed was his job." Of course, I'm loving the drama and misery. Keep it coming. As said misery doth enjoy companionship.
What's the link for the post you're referring to above?

And it's up to almost 200 points on reddit...
Ah...yes, I remember that picture. The irony is that my son, who will be 6 in December, couldn't care less about baseball. Can you photoshop a little blonde girl in there instead? My daughter loves baseball! Although she is a staunch Nats fan and says that she only roots for the Red Sox when they play the Yankees. And her favorite Nat is Danny Espinosa. "Because his name has a nose!" That's her explanation. Kids...
Two non-Sox fans? What's goin' on down there? Glad to hear the girl loves baseball.
I'm a fairly ineffective parent...
Ha. Any restaurant news? I see the Penn-sky file closed last year, but you were way outta there by then right?

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