Thursday, September 20, 2012

1912 Red Sox Update

Our last update was August 14th. The Red Sox would go on a 23-4-1 stretch, turning a 9.5 game lead into a 15.5 one on September 13th. On the 19th, 100 years ago yesterday, the following appeared in the Providence Evening News:
So after the A's lost, the Red Sox invoked their right to not have to make up a postponed game against a team they'd finished their road season series with, in order to clinch. Of course, they were going to clinch anyway, but I guess they figured why not rest. Then again, they could have probably "rested" right in the field and still beat the Yankees, who were 48 games off the pace. (A fact Yankee fans conveniently forgot before 2004 when they'd talk about how they never ever ever lost to the Red Sox "when it counted." I guess that whole season didn't count. It's like Kramer saying the bet (that he won't convert his apartment into levels) is off because he's not gonna do it after all: "In seasons where it's close enough to warrant some type of playoff, we always win! Just don't even consider the seasons where we finish 55 games behind!")

So the pennant officially became Boston's. Now it was time to talk about the World Series. Already there were workers at Fenway Park adding 10,000 seats in preparation. The team also "adopted an elaborate system against the securing of tickets by speculators." Man, even back when fans were gambling in the stands and players were throwing games, teams cared about not having tickets resold above face value--now the league just joins up with the crooks and splits the profits. Stupid crooked MLB....



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