Tuesday, September 04, 2012

10 Game Lead = Gone

Me, August 8th, 2012: "They've got a real shot at blowing this!" As of tonight, the Yankees' division lead (formerly 10 games) is toast!

Cano donged in the first to put NY up 2-0, but the Rays scored the next 5 and breezed to the 5-2 win, all while the Orioles were racking up a dozen at rainy ex-Skydome. So we knew the O's had done their part, it was just a question of the Rays holding on, which they did easily.

The standings, with proper alphabetical order used in case of ties, unlike how ESPN listed them after the game:

New York Yankees --
Tampa Bay Rays 1.5
Boston Red Sox [a really high #]
Toronto Blue Jays [fortunately an even higher #]

I love how I've been able to watch the collapse, as Yanks games have been on national TV almost every day lately.

I think they said only three times in the last 18 years a team has relinquished a 10-game division lead. The Yanks are in danger of blowing leads of 10+ to two different teams in the same year. If that's ever happened in history, somebody let me know.

Of course, none of this will matter if they win the thing anyway--but having TWO teams so close to them makes the chances so much higher that they won't. Keep the pressure on, everybody! (I'm trying not to think about how fun it would have been if the Red Sox had just had a normal year and were one of the teams taking advantage of this historic collapse.)

[Update, 1:38 a.m.: Red Sox win first game on road trip. In EIGHTH try. Bailey gives up 2-out triple in 9th, but gets last out for 4-3 win. (NESN has right fielder behind score box on final play as ball is in the air, leaving us clueless until he finally emerges and makes the catch. Stupid NESN....)]


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