Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Win Streak Over

Lester was doing fine tonight until the 6th when he finally gave up 2 runs. Which blew goats because our offense had zero runs off Dempster at the time, despite getting a bunch of runners on in the first two innings. Crawford really cost us by walking off second base with his head down and getting easily picked off. (Too bad NESN completely missed the play and had to scrounge up some surveillance video for a replay.) Texas added two more in the 7th inning to make it 4-0.

Middlebrooks hit a 3-run, pinch-hit dong in the 7th to close it to 4-3, but the Rangers added one each in the 8th and 9th for the 6-3 win. Since Will's dong just cleared the Monster, Orsillo noted that "here at Fenway, you can't reach over the red line." I have done it personally. Here's a shot I took in 2008 reaching out over. Still, I think the Brooks homer was gonna slam off the top of the Wall even if those guys didn't grab it.

Pedroia really got screwed on that check swing call. I love that in the next inning in the field, he turns to the same ump asking why Murphy's HBP wasn't a swing. Of course, that's the third base ump's call anyway, but I think it's funny that Dustin did that. And I knew right away that's what was going on, didn't have to wait for Remy to figure it out.

The Yanks were down 6-3 going to the 9th, and Valverde was not on at all. NY closed it to 6-5 and had 2nd and 3rd, before the Tigers finally wrap it up. Always nice to see the Yankees have an "almost win but still lose" game.

So NESN now has blimp shots every night. Real ones. I like to think that me blowing the lid off their false overhead scenes led to Don and Remy noticing and therefore NESN being pressured to stop with the fakery. Either that or the people in charge of the Hood blimp are the same ones who were in charge of the "milk bottle" that used to be on the right field roof, and it took them this long to get the thing running. I'm still waiting for milk to shoot out of that thing. Maybe it's doing it in a Dempster somewhere.

Oh, and "my boy" Mike Olt started for the Rangers tonight! My mom is friends with his grandma, and we've been following him as he went up through the ranks. You may have heard Don talking about his Connecticut roots tonight. Nice job, Olt.


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