Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Yanks' Lead Was In The Pool!

The Yankees have been in first place since June 11th. On June 25th, their lead was 3 games. Since then, that ballooned to as many as 10 games (July 18) and has now shrunk back to 3 games for the first time in almost 2 months. It's another game and a half to the second wild card, so that's how close they are to being out of the playoffs entirely, after having a double-digit lead in mid-July.

Terribly, when their game ended on ESPN, none of this was brought up. And it was our announcer, Dave O'Brien, on the call. Imagine what any announcer would be saying if the Red Sox lost a game to see a 10-game lead drop to 3 on national TV? Then they cut to the studio, and Schilling and some stiff just talk about the White Sox, and then the stiff says, "the other big story tonight is Adrian Beltre hitting three home runs...." Am I the only one who's watching the AL East lead shrinking?

We gotta get this done, Other Teams! As Red Sox fans, it may be all we've got left! Sox lose to Angels again, 7-3.


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