Monday, August 13, 2012

The Foul Ball Guy

Funny moment in Sunday's game when a foul ball landed in a vacant area. Jerry and Don were quite amused:

The weird thing is, on the original live shot, they cut it off right when the first guy relaxes for a half-second (about 0:06-0:07). I'm thinking, "the ball's right there, just go over the tiny fence into that big empty area and get it!" I actually rewound and watched again at that point--remember, this is before we ever see the big man. I was stunned the guy wasn't immediately going after the ball. Sure enough, as I kept on watching, they revisited it, and we see the competition come flying in. At that point I was rooting like hell for the big guy, but, well, you saw what happened.

In fact, I feel like after the slight relaxation by the first guy, when he springs into action, that's when he sees the other guy and suddenly he realizes he needs to move NOW.


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