Friday, August 10, 2012

Taking Your Mind Off It

Pretty sickening, the loss tonight that could have been a win. Instead of reading more about it, why don't you listen to John Sterling screwing up an easy call to cheer you up?

Actually I will mention one play from the game. Remember the ball that hit Aviles's glove and went into left field for a "single"? Why didn't Don and Remy at least consider that Aviles should have had the ball and at least gotten the out at second? Or maybe wonder if it would be called a hit or an error? Maybe they're so used to everything being scored a hit in 2012 they just don't care. It's bad enough that the player isn't held accountable for effing up--but the announcers should do what the scorers don't: let the audience know that the play should have been made. This wasn't a case where he dove as far as he could and the ball skimmed off his glove. It was a guy purposely making a backhand stab at a ball and missing it, having it go off his glove. And all Don can say is "under the glove!" (wrong) and all the former MLB infielder Remy can say is "off the glove out to left field," as if that's acceptable! It was a key play, too. And Aviles proved he could make a harder play in the same spot a few minutes later. Getting to the ball, gloving it, then getting the one out at second.


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