Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spies Like Us

Red Sox spy Derek Lowe came through tonight, making a huge error in extra innings to allow the Jays to beat the Yanks in NY. Soriano had been one out away from saving the game in the 9th, but gave up a 3-run dong to blow it.

So the O's with their win jumped over the Rays and are now 3 back in the loss column, with Tampa 4 out. Plenty of time to get this done. The beauty part is, both Tampa and Balty are in a dogfight with each other and 2 other teams for the wild card, so they're going all out anyway. I'm hoping just one can pull this off. It would be great if they both (along with a third team) passed the Yanks on the final day of the season tp knock them out. But I'd settle for either one taking the division title and leaving the Yanks in the one-game playoff. (This is all a distant second/third to the hope of the Red Sox winning every game through the rest of the season and the Yankees losing every one, of course.)

Extreme Yankee heartbreak is very possible this season--get on board!


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