Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sox Win Series. Hey, It's True.

Aaron "crewhawk" Cook can be great. And crappy. Usually within the same start. It was 1-1 in the 5th, when he gave up a bunch of hits and then two dongs in a row. Suddenly it was 6-1. We had a nice comeback to make it 6-4, but after Crawford's dong to start the 7th pulled us to within 6-5, our last 9 batters went down in order. 7-5 Detroit, final.

But we can still say we've won our last two series, against the Yanks and Tigers. Now the 44-60 Twins come in for 4. Too bad the O's couldn't sweep the Yanks today....

Was nice to see somebody in the front row behind the Sox dugout tonight with a little hand-written "We Believe" sign. The players need to know that the real fans don't think they're a bunch of 0-162 Hitlers.

Awesome catch by Ellsbury tonight.

Crazy bounce on that Fielder dong--right off the top of the wall in dead center and straight up in the air, coming down a few rows into the bleachers.

Nice exchange by Don and Jerry tonight:

Don: "Santiago this year 1 for 1 in stolen base attempts, 28 in his career."

Jerry: "Santiago one steal so far on the season..."

Yes, both lines were spoken consecutively--and Jerry went on to botch his version of the stat before correcting himself, extending the agony. It's always hilarious when one announcer says what the other one just said. Because the first guy has a brief window to come right out and say "I just said that" and try to bring humor in to dissolve the weirdness--but once that window closes, they've got a big, fat, juicy awkward silence hanging out there between them.

And could you believe neither Don nor Jerry noticed that ball hitting Fielder in the head? Ball is thrown, clicky sound is heard, helmet falls off, guy grabs head... and Don says he's hit in the back, before Jerry chimes in with "may have got him in the rib area"! What the hell are these guys watching?


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