Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sox Lose To Effing Indians Again

More Frustration Nation tonight. We should have had more than a 1-run lead in this game. In the 4th, down 1-0, with the bases loaded and no outs, Gonzalez doubled off the wall. Ellsbury scored, and despite that Pedroia was only a few feet behind Crawford as they rounded third, Carl was very safe while Dustin was very out. It was an odd play as the Red Sox actually had three baserunners between third and home at the same time:

It would have been nearly impossible for the third base coach to tell Craw to go and Ped to stay with one hand motion. Had we been able to hold Dustin up, it would have been 2nd and 3rd and no outs and two runs in. Instead, man on second, one out. We couldn't get the man home, and it stayed 2-1.

With the help of a Morales balk, Cleveland tied it in the 5th. Ellsbury led off the 6th with a double though...but he was out trying to stretch. We wouldn't get another guy on base until two outs in the 9th.

The Tribe ended up scoring the go-ahead run in an inning where they got no hits. They added single runs in the 7th and 8th. 5-2 Cleveland, final.

(Edited2add: I left out the most frustrating part of all: Lillibridge was Babe Ruth for Cleveland, hitting a single, double, and homer. Who says we got nothing for Youk?!)

That team broke an eleven-game losing streak the game before this series, and now they've taken 2 of the first 3 against us. This crap is really pissing me off.

Oh, and Yankees, I know you've been on an 8-year quest to try to obtain every member of the 2004 Red Sox, but you're gonna have to face it eventually. It happened and it's never going away. (I had a funny memory when writing that. I was at opening day at Yankee Stadium in 2005, and some Yankee fan, upon hearing a Sox fan talk about the fortunate events of the previous October, said, "oh, you wanna talk about the past? Let's talk about 26 championships (etc., etc.)." I love it. Saying "1918" 80+ years later was fine for them, but suddenly the mention of literally the most recent game the Yankees had played was off limits because it was "the past." Classic.


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