Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sox Lose By A Lot

Zach Stewart, who came over in the Youk trade, made his first start in a Boston uniform tonight. In the portion of the game after he left (4th-9th), we outscored the Angels 2-1. But we lost 10-3. So you can do the math on that one. I stuck it out until the end at 1:15 a.m. And received no reward. Okay, Loney had a nice play in the 8th. And I got to see Aceves resume his role as "guy who kinda comes in whenever," as he entered in the 7th with the team down by 7.

The Orioles couldn't capitalize on the Yanks' earlier loss, but the Rays could and did. So we've got the O's 3.5 out, and the Rays 4.0 out in the division race. Keep that pressure on, boys. Starting Friday, the Yanks play only those two teams for 10 straight games. That'll be a key stretch.

Remy's still under the impression that more teams are "in it" because of the second wild card. He said this, then we heard Don say that the top two teams are tied, with a few more close behind. Meaning, as I've been saying all year, that every single team in the league is exactly the same amount of games behind as they would have been last year with only one wild card spot available. Yes, you have a better chance this year since there are more spots, but you're no closer to the last playoff spot than you would have been last year, since the top two are tied.

The worst, though, was when Tom Caron proved he doesn't even understand how this all works, "estimating" that the Red Sox would have been 2 or 2.5 games further behind under the old rules when they actually would have been just a half-game further behind (since the top two teams were a half-game apart at the time). Which is like saying, "I'm 10 feet away from that window. If it were open, I'd be 7.5/8 feet away from it."


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