Friday, August 17, 2012

So Low

Five solo dongs for the Dick Squad and we lose 6-4. After going down 3-0 we came back to make it 4-3 (as the Red Sox have been known to do to the Yanks before). But they scored a run each in the 5th, 6th, and 7th to win it.

A few things. I was surprised to see Adrian Gonzalez pull out a G2 cup while in the field, probably full of sunflower seeds. At first I thought, Oh, the coach must have handed it to him. But then I thought, Wait, the other team's coach is on the field. So I realized he actually keeps this crunched up cup full of seeds somewhere on his person while playing the field.

Wait till the media gets a hold of this one. Eating, carrying cups in his pocket...IN PUBLIC. For shame. He just doesn't get it. Unlikeable. Toxic. Turmoil. He needs to stop chewing sunflower seeds and start playing with some heart! And who knows what else was in that cup. There could be.....meetings in there! Or golf clubs. Or charity events. What are we gonna do with this guy? You HAVE to rid the team of this cancer immediately. Next thing you know he'll be swimming within 30 minutes of eating. If he does, man, you better believe I'll be snapping pictures and Tweeting them instantly. Then I'll tell you he DID wait 30 minutes and you'll still believe he did the wrong thing. Because when you're losing, everything you do is wrong. Even if you do two opposite things in a row. The latest perfect example: Millar saying the Red Sox need to play with heart. Lemme guess: The same people who said Valentine should be fired in April because he said Youk had no heart will now agree with Millar when he says the team has no heart. Millar was guilty of what all the casual fans are. Mixing up "doing poorly" with "having controversy around them that they didn't start." As if one has to do with the other. "Stop having controversies said about you and play ball!" What??

Moving on...

The Red Sox had been wearing black armbands for Pesky on the gray road jerseys. (They will have them along with a 6 in a black circle for the home unis.) Tonight, though, they had the blue Friday night road jerseys. So instead of the band, they wore just the black Circle-6, as a black armbad wouldn't show up on blue. (The circle doesn't really show up either, but the white 6 does.) Yet Don and Jerry couldn't figure this out, acting like the team is randomly deciding when to wear the 6, when to have the band, etc. Seemed obvious to me.

One thing Orsillo does that annoys me is when he starts making a call before the play is complete, assuming what's supposed to happen will happen. Joe Buck is the master of this, starting his "makes the catch" call while the ball's in the air. Stuff like that. I'm not saying you should act surprised when a routine play is made. But you shouldn't call it before it happens because it might not happen! And on TV, you don't need to be telling us every single thing, as we can see it anyway. So you definitely shouldn't be trying to tell us something when it hasn't happened yet. On radio, you need to tell us right away or the crowd will blow your cover. (Charley Steiner was big on this--you'd hear a loud cheer so you knew a double play had been turned--yet Charley hadn't even described the flip to second yet.) But on TV, you don't have to say anything at all if you don't want to. Wait till the guy catches a fly ball and go "one down" and leave it at that, even. Tonight, Don did his thing, and got burned. I give you the "pre-emptive call burn":

See what I mean? Usually he's smart enough to not actually finish the call, so he has time to call an audible. Even when that happens, though, I get pissed, knowing exactly what he was up to. In this case, though, he actually completed the incorrect call and had to give the Whoops call.

I guess that's about it.

Fox tomorrow, ESPN Sunday.


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