Friday, August 31, 2012

Octubre Anaranjado

Lester had a rough first few innings, settled down and lasted through the 8th, throwing 121 pitches. But the 5 early runs he gave up were too much for our offense to overcome. 5-2 loss. Loney had a dong for us. So we're swept in the series, and the season series vs. the Angels too.

O's won, Rays lost, Yanks idle. So the Rays are 4 back, and the O's are 3 back as they head to The Bronx for three. Yet Orioles fans still won't support their team! They barely reached the 10,000 mark today. Granted, it was a weekday afternoon game. But if you had told any Orioles fan at basically any point in the last decade that they'd be battling for the division in the final days of August and had a home game on a sunny, 80-degree day, I would have thought 100% of them would have said, "You're crazy, but if it did happen, I'd be at that game no matter what." Guess not. In fact, there were more fans at the last game at Fenway (37,506) than at the last three games at Camden combined (36,080)! I still don't get why they get so mad at other teams' fans for coming to their park, when they have no interest in using the seats! Why do I need to tell O's fans to get on their own bandwagon? I want their team to win this weekend more than they do! Come on Oriole people, and everyone else, the Hunt for Orange October is on!

In "commercials you're forced to see 10 times per game" news: You know the car ad that uses that "Summer Nights" song from Grease? Yeah, the yellow pants girl. When the guy throws her up in the air and she does a split, they cut out a frame in mid-split. It's really weird, but I notice it every time. Why would they cut out this frame? Was the commercial .25 seconds too long and they had to cut a tiny bit out, and they chose a frame right in the middle instead of the beginning or end? Did some extra give the finger for a split second and they had to cut it out? My best guess is that the split looks more impressive this way. "Wow, she got those legs out quick." I even slowed it down and noticed that when the cut happens, some people are affected by it, and other aren't. There are so many dancing employees that they actually seem to be superimposing some into the shot. Maybe the edit has something to do with that. Like, the shot of one set of people is longer than the shot of the other. But again, if it's a length issue, why wouldn't they cut the first or last split second, instead of one in the middle in pretty much the only noticeable spot? Like the lights going out during the Blues Brothers set at Bob's Country Bunker, that cut was made on purpose. Watch for it. It looks terrible. But hurry, sale ends September 3rd!

Oh, and was Remy drunk tonight? At one point he was blurting out instructions for Don to read ad copy. He could have also been in "it's so damn late and nobody's watching except those bloggers who make fun of us all the time so who cares" mode. In fact, the night before, he almost cursed and Don encouraged him to go ahead and do it due to the lateness of the hour!


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