Friday, August 17, 2012

NESN Offers Public Apology For "Clubhouse In Turmoil" Graphic Two Nights Ago

Oh wait, that apology was just a dream I had. In actuality they just keep talking about how the team needs to stay focused amid distractions the media is inventing and that if they win, they all go away--which is a blatant admission that they and the rest of their media buddies purposely stir up shit and manipulate the fans who are already upset about the team not playing well and will be appalled at literally anything they do, whether it's even true at all.

I'm hoping you'll all be that much more into the next anti-media weekend.

(It's funny--I have done a complete boycott of Boston sports radio and the papers since the last anti-media thing, yet these ridiculous things are spilling right into the broadcasts of the game, which is the only reason why I know about them. Oh, and hearing people on NY radio repeating the invented stories and just assuming they're true even when proven false. It's such a goddamn joke.)

Red Sox WIN tonight. Clay gave up 2 in the first, but SD'd. Eight solid. Three runs. A bunch of Ks. And the offense came through with men on. 6-3 win. We outhit the O's in all three games (31-21 total) but only won one. Now it's on to NYC.

Mom here:
I was actually cheered and put into a newly optimistic frame of mind with Tom Werner's interview with Jerry and Don. He reminded us that the team has never played together; that for their hits to not be timely is just bad luck; and that with their inherent strengths they're going to have their usual end-of-the-season ten game winning streak.
It was just so refreshing.
Yes I was glad to see the Werner interview too, and to see that the owners are proactive, despite that they shouldn't have to be.

But even with that, NESN just goes on and on and on about stuff that doesn't exist.

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